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Custom Web Programming - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, etc

At Logic Industry, we take pride in having a great programmers team, many with more than 20 years of experience each in many different programming languages, with a deep understanding of internet, search engines, technologies, platforms, etc.

Since 1999, we are working in Custom Web Programming, always using the latest technologies, for clients from 14 countries.

With a large experience in various programming languages, we usually choose for most of our Web Design for Business (which includes custom web programing) the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

The custom web programming allows us to build any custom website you may need, not depending on any free platform like Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

The Custom web programming gives us the power to invent new modules, to create custom modules or functions depending on your needs, so your custom website to be the best on your market.

A few advantages of custom web programming at Logic Industry®:

Custom features: Our custom web programming solutions gives us the power to build every module you may imagine. The truth is that we thrive to create new modules and functions so we can address your target in the most innovative, powerfull and convincig way. If the market analysys (that we make for each of our client) shows an opportunity to invent a module to impress your clients, we can do it.

Speed: The custom web programming allows us to maximize the loading speed of your Web Design for Business® solution, and make optimisation in each individual module.

Best possible SEO: By creating a custom Web Design solution based on custom web programming, we can include SEO in the actual code of your Web Design for Business solution. This kind of SEO is much deeper than a separate SEO, made by an agency who does not know programming or works on a existing code. We build the custom website and the custom web program with SEO in mind.

Security: We create the custom code, so exactly knowing how programming part of your custom website is built, we are able to maximize the website's integrity, but also, the security of the content and your client's data.
If you will use a popular free platform that in 6 months gets hacked, and all the websites on that platform are now vulnerable through simple scripts available on internet, you risk your business online. A custom web programming solution is much more difficult to attack because needs specialized people which usually do not spend weeks to attack a single website (to create an attack method that works on milions of websites is more rewarding for them).
And most important, we have a large experience and a profound understanding of all internet technologies (including servers, networking, etc.), so secure-oriented programming is always in our mind.

To dicuss about your custom web programming solution using PHP or other web technologies in London, UK or international, you are welcome to contact us.

36 Upfield Road, London, W7 1AN
Phone: (+44) 0845 IS LOGIC [0845 47 56442]
Email: office[@]logicindustry.co.uk
Website International: www.logicindustry.com
Website UK: www.logicindustry.co.uk
LOGIC INDUSTRY® registered trade mark in E.U.
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