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Bespoke Web Design for Business® - International Portfolio

Bespoke Web Design for Business®?

A bespoke Web Design for Business® solution is a complete, fully customized web solution:

- Online store or
- Presentation website or
- Online catalog of services or products or
- B2b or B2C portals
together with Branding, Advanced SEO, marketing services

The bespoke Web Design for Business® solutions are designed and built to achieve REAL RESULTS for your business. This is the only goal that we have in mind during the entire process.
To create a bespoke web design solution, we analyse and understand the product and your market as if we were your sales persons; we use our 14 years experience in 14 countries from 4 continents to bring you real results with your new online presence.

A Web Design for Business® is a professional bespoke solution, which successfully combine:
- Bespoke programming
- Brand Strategy and Brand Identity are used to create a unique bespoke graphical layout of the website
- Deeply integrated SEO (Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation)
- Result oriented architecture (using marketing techniques, client psychology, great ergonomics - easy to use)
- Built-in security to protect the website and client's data

In our bespoke Web Design solutions, we do NOT use free platforms to build websites nor stock templates.

The bespoke, original design, build to empower your brand, together with top web programming techniques brings to life your unique, powerfull website, to have a real impact on your business partners.

Ask for a bespoke Web Design for Business solution. The market study and the orginal project of your website are free.

Logic Industry - Web Design for Business®

Logic Industry is building bespoke Web Design for Business® solutions since 1999.
Our portfolio covers Web Design, Brand and CRM Web Solutions for the entire world : United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, United States of America, Israel, Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Brazil, etc.

Our clients performs in a large variety of business fields and for them we have built from Presentation websites to Online stores, Business2Business (B2B) or Business2Consumer(B2C) web solutions to Multimedia CD-s and portals with tens of thousand of unique visitors per day.

We have the chance to work both with small but promising companies, as well with very powerfull brands in their business field.

Logic Industry® is a registered mark in European Union.

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36 Upfield Road, London, W7 1AN
Phone: (+44) 0845 IS LOGIC [0845 47 56442]
Email: office[@]logicindustry.co.uk
Website International: www.logicindustry.com
Website UK: www.logicindustry.co.uk
LOGIC INDUSTRY® registered trade mark in E.U.
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