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Complete Web Solutions

The Web is the way to interconnect your business, your employees, your clients, your suppliers.

The Web gives you the power of light-speed communication, instant feedback, real time tuning of your company on the market.

In order to use the full power of the internet, we will build you a complete informational system:

- Branding and Communication with your customers: The Web Design for Business solution will be the most important brand communication support.

- Sales: Either a online store, a online catalog or a powerful brand support if your services/products are not suitabale for online selling. Depending on your specific market needs our Web Design for Business solution will extract the maximum from your online presence, being a real support for your business

- B2B Portal: Do you use dealers? Let them feel special, let them use your information database to help them to help you. They can see real time stocks, submit orders or preorders, see their discounted prices and special offers. You will have a real time global view of your business, will be able to better predict your business, have a closer feedback from your partners, and many more benefits.

- B2C Online stores: Sell directly to the clients: With a different visual language, the way you promote your products or services to your potential clients is the way you will be on the top of your market. We know how to sell, we know how to sell you.

- CRM / ERP / BPMS: To have a real time history available for each client and custom business reports gives you a great power. You can use these reports to treat a client in a special way, to adjust your busines to better serve your clients, to optimize costs, to promote or test new products or business ideas and ultimately, to increase your business. Treat your client in a special way, follow his interests and habits, and use that in your favor. You will have a pleaseed client, that will return over and over again and also, will recommend you. The initial investment to get a new client and to create a first order will be paid not only once, by one sell, but over and over again.

The ERP / BPMS component can give you a real time feedback regarding your internal performance regarding departments, employees, marketing campaigns, business process and will let you adjust the organization for an increased efficiency. Read: less birocracy, faster production and reaction time, happier clients, reduced costs, Better Business for you.

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