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Bespoke Web Programming and Development

With an experience of 15 years in complex projects and a team of highly skilled programmers, Logic Industry is able to successfully build custom web applications like: online stores, brand websites, B2B / B2C portals, large database web applications, etc.

We have expertise in a large array of Programming Technologies, Project Management Techniques, Ergonomics and Interface Design, Quality and Security testing, Application Architecture, Database Architecture, SEO and Marketing.

If you need an outstanding, bespoke website, with real results for your company, contact us now.

Bespoke Web Programming and Development

Logic Industry is able to create high quality, tailored web applications such as:

- Corporate Web Sites, Presentation Web Sites
- Bespoke Web Modules and Functions to make you different from your competition
- Bespoke CRM and Bespoke ERP application, web-based, built to suit your business model. Complex business reports, tailored for your needs. Bespoke workflows to follow your company's information flow - from marketing to customer to development/sale to support.

The Technologies involved in our Bespoke Web Applications

Project Management: Agile / Scrum, UML, Gantt Diagrams

Server-side programming language: PHP

Client-side programming Language: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Action Script, XML

Database: MySQL

Server: Cloud, Linux, Windows - shared or dedicated web servers

Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer

Optimisation and Monitoring: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Developers, AwStats, Bespoke monitoring systems built for each client

Social media, Marketing: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc

Electronic payments, SMS payments: PayPal, MobilPay, PayU, PayPoint, etc.

Testing platforms: Laptop, Desktop, mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, tablets iOS Apple and Android, Windows, iOS, Linux

Photo: DSLR Nikon

Online Marketing: Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, etc. - CPC, PPW, etc. Bespoke affiliation solutions, banner exchange, etc.

Other technologies used in our Bespoke Web Design for Business®, Bespoke CRM, BrandZone: Ajax, jQuery, CSV, SSL, Cloud, PDF, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, RSS, Aptana Studio, Cryptography, Windows, Google Earth, Google Docs, Mozilla Firebug, SVG, WebGL, SoftwareAsService, Responsive Layout, Fluid (Liquid) design, image compression and optimisation, CPanel, etc.

Other programming and design technologies:

C++, C#, Delphi, ASP.NET, Java, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, 3ds Max (3D rendering and modeling), Eclipse, Android, Artificial Intelligence, SSH, FTP/SFTP, email POP3, email SMTP, email IMAP, HTTP/HTTPS other Internet protocols, Linux server administration, NetBeans, OOP, n-tier architecture, Redundant architecture, Scalar architecture, Security strategies, Backup, etc..

What is a Bespoke Web Design for Business solution?

A Bespoke Web Design for Business solution is a complete, fully bespoke-developed website:

- Online store
- Presentation website
- Online catalog of services or products
- B2B or B2C portal
- Website + CRM/ERP/BPMS
together with Branding, Advanced SEO, marketing services

Bespoke Web Design for Business solutions are designed and built to achieve REAL RESULTS for your business. This is the only goal that we have in mind during the entire development process.

How do we start to build a "Bespoke Web Design for Business" website?

The first step is to analyse and understand the product and your market; we use our 15 years of experience in 14 countries from 4 continents to bring you real results with your new online presence.

A Bespoke Web Design for Business is a professional solution, which successfully combine:
- Bespoke Programming to suit the needs for bespoke Structure, Modules and Functions of your website, strong Security, Speed and Best results SEO.
- Brand Strategy and Brand Identity are used to create a unique, astonishing Bespoke Visual Design of the website.
- Deeply integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- Result-oriented Architecture (using marketing techniques, client psychology, great ergonomics - easy to use)
- Strong, Built-in security to protect the website and client's data

Bespoke Web Design London

We do not use free platforms to build websites or stock templates.

Our experience has shown us that a Bespoke Web Design solution is the only way to achieve the best results on your market. A tailored website will always beat any open source website in terms of sales, SEO, functions.

Bespoke Web Design for Business: Original visual design, build to empower your brand, together with top web programming techniques brings to life your unique, powerfull website, to have a real impact on your business: sales, market share, branding.

Bespoke Web Design for Business: Great value for money!

At Logic Industry, we understand the importance of your new website for the future development of your business. We also want you as a long-term partner, so we want to invest our time, experience and technical capabilities to develop together.

At Logic Industry you will get the best price for an astonishing Bespoke Web Design Solution.

We'd be glad if in a few years you will send us a recommendation letter to confirm us the real results that our web design solution brought into your business.

Ask for a Bespoke Web Design for Business Quote.

The market research and the orginal project of your new bespoke website are Free!

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