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10 steps to build a successful Web Design solution for you.

10 steps to build a successful Web Design solution for you

Web Design for Business are complete, custom Web solutions for your company.

Read the 10 steps that we will follow so in the end you will have one of the most performant Web Design solution on your market, with real results for your business: Brand Awareness, Cash, Clients, Market Share, Business Opportunities. 3. We use our international experience with companies in various fields in order to build a written project for you.
This project will contain the goals, the structure and the functions that we recommend in order to create you one of the best websites on your market. A website that will bring you results: cash, clients, market share, business opportunities.

Step 1/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you?

We understand your business

Since 1999 we had the opportunity to work with companies from most of the business fields, across the world. We had the opportunity to understand why they are running well, how they overpass the business difficulties, how, to whom and why they sell their products and services.

We had the chance to understand the logistic chain, to understand why the have chosen certain suppliers instead of otheres.

We've seen business choices regarding products, organization, people. business models.

We've seen marketing campaigns going well or wrong, we've seen brands raising and sometimes, falling.

We've met the people who made that business happen.

This is the experience we bring now to you, we will build the best website for your needs, to help you running the business. We will not offer you just a fancy design, we will give you - maybe - one of the most important tool for your business.

We will build you a custom solution (Web Design, Brand, CRM/ERP/BPMS) to solve problems that you may not even thought of until now. We'de be glad to work with you.

Step 2/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you?

We conduct a market research to understand how the best Website on the market should look like.

And not only look, but also how it feels, what facilites offer to the customers and partners.
We check your direct competitors, we think as a new client (one target), then we think like a eudcated customer (another target). We're trying to understand who, beside you, would be our chosen supplier, and then we try to understand why we would take that decision.

It may be about the general look, the prices, the simple navigation system (the menus), the large pictures of the products, many details, how easy is to order, general brand appearance - if they look trustworthy, etc.

We will use our experience and this deep analysis to create a Custom Web Design for Business website, better than any of your' competitor.
We will take that elements that convinced us, invent new things (menus, functions, etc) to address certain goals (like generating first order of a new client, improving client fidelity, selling more, etc.). Knowing how to describe in words the best website on your market will be the first step in building the best website on your market - for you.

Step 3/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you?

The comprehensive, written,

Web Design for Business Project

This project will contain a deep analysis of your market, will define your needs and goals, a SWOT analysis and, the core and conclusion of the Project: The Structure and Functions that we recommend, so you will have one of the best websites on your market.

The project will also contain the quote, a execution and delivery timetable.

We will discuss together this project and will adjust it until we have the final form that will combine your experience in business and expectation with our experience and knowlege. The final goal: Real Results for your Business.

Step 4/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you?

Custom design
We'll start the design from your brand manual - your logo, your colors and fonts, and so on. After all, the website may be one of the most visible element from your communication to the clients and partners, so it must transmit the same visual feeling about your beand like any other printed material: business cards, maps, flyers, etc.

If you do not have these materials yet, or they are not consistent in your business, you should ask us about Branding Services. We can help you with that, too.

Because the website must represent you, we do not use templates, free or bought.. We BUILD a custom design, just for you, so it represents you in a unique manner in front of your clients and partners.

Step 5/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you? - Bespoke Web Programming

Bespoke Web App Programming

We use our experience and latest technologies to build the most performant program to drive your website.

Why do we build you a Bespoke Program instead of using a free platform?

- SEO: To achieve the best SEO performance (A Bespoke Website will have outstaning performance compared to a free-platform website)

- Loading incredibly fast: A fast-loading site is attractive and have much better business results then a slow one. A bespoke website is built to maximize speed, optimizing each module and the overall website.

- To offer new, Innovative Functions to impress and help your client: In our Bespoke Web Design Solutions, We can build specific, innovative modules, which cannot be found on your competitor's websites.

- To maximize the Security of your website, and your client's private information stored on the website. Each Bespoke Website receives not only a security-driven project, design and implementation, but also a comprehensive security test before delivery.

You get the codeYou will receive the code of your Bespoke Web Design Solution. So in the future you have the freedom to continue working with us, or you can make further adjustments with other programmers, if you will choose to.

Step 6/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you? - Bespoke Business Intelligence Modules

Business Intelligence Modules

The website is one of the core elements in your business.
Your Website interacts with your clients, your business partners and your employees.

I'd say there is a lot of information there, and the Internet is the fastest way to access and process this data.

The machine that we will build you to use the speed and power of Internet to process your entire data about clients, employees, suppliers is what we call a Business Intelligence solution. A Bespoke system, built for your business model.

You will have powerful, bespoke real-time reports about orders, sales departments, technical requests, employees, business evolution, opportunities, program and manage marketing actions, etc.

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