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New Business Full Package

For whom is this package?

You've just opened a new business or you are about to open a new business.

We've prepared for you a complete package:

Branding: Naming for your business, products and services, Visual Identity Manual, Marketing Toolkit, Design for printed materials: Business Card, Package, Map, Flyers, Design and architecture for Store Window, PR Services, copywriting.

Custom Web Design for Business Solution, SEO, Domain Registration, Hosting

Advertising [online/offline]: Adwords Campaign, Print Design for Offline Campaigns

Custom Business Intelligence CRM/ERP/BPMS to manage your customers, orders, delivery, stocks; access real-time, detailed, Business Reports, organize the entire information flow in your organization, interface with your suppliers and clients

After Launch ServicesOnline monitorizing, constant SEO adjustments for at least one year, advertising

Good to know:Your initial package will be cutomized for your needs; we will create a Launch Plan and select and develop the services that you need to start smoothly.

The intitial analysis and Launch Plan are free. The Launch Plan will contain our quote for each service and a detailed timetable.

Order it now! - We'll call you back to create the Launch Plan and the quote

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