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International Business Intermediates - Web Design for Business®

I herby confirm that I have dealt with Logic Industry SRL since beginning 2007, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of website design, content management system implementation, site optimisation, search engine analysis and site submission.

Their work has been a major factor in our website's success development and their ideas, advices and tools helped us to understand our needs, to set the goal of our website and give us real results from Internet global market.

I confidently recommend Logic Industry as a solid and reliable partner and supplier, as experts in their field.

Yours faithfully,
Loredana B. - Managing Director IBI Netherlands BV

Vrancart - Web Design for Business®

... Now, at four months since the official launch of the website, we can say that our objectives has been reached. The traffic has grown exponentially, for about 100-150 times, we already receive requests for products and services, we already have new signed contracts with clients brought by website. Taking into account the way we worked with Logic Industry, during the entire development process but also, after the delivery, we strongly recommend to any company to work with Logic Industry ...

Dorian D., Information Integration and Marketing, 2009

Mert - Bespoke Web Design for Business®

.. We express our appreciation for the professional manner that Bespoke Web Design for Business solutions created by Logic Industry have met our demandings. Throughout collaboration, services by Logic Industry was carried out effectively, promptness and reliable, which morally obligated to recommend without hesitation Logic Industry as a reliable partner.
Following the launch of the new bespoke web site, we have in addition a much larger number of visitors and thus collaborators and clients.
We recommended Industry Logic even to the most demanding business partners, believing that they will not be disappointed.

general manger,

Nordarin International - Web Design for Business®

.. we recommend Logic Industry as a special partner, with outstanding technical and human resources

Our company launched, during the last 5 years, two websites with Logic Industry as Web Design partner. The first is the main company's website, successfully updated for many times, regarding graphics, programming, functions and content. The second is an online store which helped us to largely develop our market for our products (furniture) ..

Logic industry Firma Logic Industry has made ??an outstanding contribution to improving our business and therefore we highly recommend for business partner...

Viorel C. - General manager (2008)

Complet Electro Serv - Custom CRM BPMS - technical support, service network

Complet Electro Serv S.A. is part of Altex Group (main electronics/IT retailer in Romania) and is an authorized service facility for service nationwide for brands: Samsung, LG, Philips, HP, Lexmark, Hitachi, Teletech, Myria, Logitech, Kingston. (...)
Logic Industry CRM application was developed in 2009 to meet the needs of monitoring cases and installation service, carried out both in our own units as well in partner units. The custom, web-based CRM application contains several modules tailored to each user (... )
We recommend to the companies operating in services that want real-time monitoring and control of business to work with Logic Industry to develop a custom CRM at a fair cost and fast time to deployment.

Yours, faithfully,
Complet Electro Serv
Cristian C.

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