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Bespoke web app development - for bespoke requirements

Your company is different. Your approach to the customers is different. Your products and services are different. You need a bespoke web solution, based on your experience with your customers and their expectations.
Invest in a bespoke website: It's a long term investment that will bring you loyalty.

Let's talk about a bespoke website!

You are different in so many ways from your competitors. From your name, to your business approach, from your services or products to your specific information workflow, your company is unique - and should be unique.

Years of continous improvement, learning to mix courage, strategy and management gave you a unique identity - your brand, your business model. Your customers expect your business essence on what you deliver, but also in your online office - either the website or in a more complex app through which you can serve them.

Bespoke web app development - for you
You need a reliable, experienced and proven partner to develop and maintain a bespoke solution for your online presence: From a bespoke developed web site to a complex bespoke CRM solution, tailored to your company's distinct requirements - built on your information flow, on your business experience. Bespoke requirements, complex processes, complex integrations for real business results.

Bespoke web app development - we always follow the results
At Logic Industry®, each client is unique; we do not use free platforms, we build something different for you - so you will be different and you will get real business results. We design the user interface, the technologies, the bespoke functions to make you different and to provide more value to your customers. We aim to deliver real business results for you.

Let's talk about a bespoke website! Bespoke web app development - a proved partner
Logic Industry® is developing software and web apps since 1999. We have an extensive international experience, working with companies in the most varied business fields: construction, yacht brokerage, real estate, wedding, electronics, pest control, etc.

The main asset that we offer you is this huge experience.

We excel at programming, design and project management; but mostly, we speak business: we understand your business, we understand the market, we speak branding, marketing and sales fluently, we know how to design and build a bespoke app to hugely improve your yield.

Bespoke web app development - price

We are aware that a bespoke solution is a requirement, an investment, the best solution, but not a luxury.
For over 20 years we have developed long term relationships with our clients, some of them became business partners. That means that the price you will pay Logic Industry® for a bespoke web app development service will be very reasonable, and you can pay this price in multiple installments, in a comfortable manner for both of us.

To price your Bespoke web app we can use two approaches:
1) If you know exactly what you need, send us the specifications.
2) If you need an advice, if you know what you want for your business but you do not know how to ask/describe it, we will guide you and build a project with bespoke requirements, free!

Bespoke web app development - list

What kind of bespoke apps can we develop? Kinds of apps that we can develop for you:
  • Bespoke web design - presentation website; may be for a new company, together with branding and marketing services
  • Bespoke web apps - online portal or platform development, with user accounts, profiles and bespoke requirements
  • Bespoke shopping systems - bespoke e-commerce solutions, with or without Artificial Intelligence kernel, to maximize sales and profit
  • Bespoke CRM Development: A CRM built on your information flow, using our reliable MixCRM platform. we can integrate everything, from client management, invoicing, order management, user management, agenda, marketing actions; usually, we integrate MixCRM with the web site. Our bespoke CRM MixCRM lets you work from seamlessly from any device.
  • Bespoke ticketing systems, recruiting agency, real estate agencies, etc.
  • Bespoke calculators, PDF generators from website, Upload/download and processing documents and images, complex forms
  • Any other piece of software that you may need. Imagination is the limit.
Did you know: We use and invest experience, time and effort for the "underground" bespoke development, that matters: Security, reliability, speed, simple usage - a desired tool for your business Let's talk about a bespoke website!

Bespoke web app development - Security and reliability

Did we mention that we build bespoke software since 1999? We build solid, reliable, secure apps. Our team is in a perpetual learning of new technologies and threats, our programs are written with security and reliability in mind. We test everything thoroughly, using complex testing procedures.

Bespoke web app development - Friendly, easy to use

Last, but may be the most important aspect: We develop our bespoke web apps to be very easy to use, with a simple and clear interface, running smoothly and quickly on any platform. We understand that we must build intuitive interfaces, designed to help the user to achieve all he needs in a minimum amount of clicks and a minimum amount of time, with a rapid learning curve. We have designed and optimised thousands of interfaces and we know how to offer a nice user experience. We understand that we build you a tool, so this tool must be very comfortable and intuitive for your clients or operators.

Bespoke web app development - Speed

The speed is an important factor and all our bespoke web apps, from the most simple to the most complex ones, are optimised for speed and minimise the resources needed both by the server, client's browser and traffic / network connection. We have developed complex technics of building, optmising and testing that will make your bespoke web app pleasant and swift.

Bespoke web app development - Simple
We know how to bring you real results to your business.

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